Here is an independent way of traveling in Madagascar without going through tour operators. You control your destination of choice of transport and accommodation while a translator guide accompagny you.


Very useful to think outside the box, meet and talk with local people about their customs and absorb their culture. You also help encourage and develop this activity to reconcile tourism aims and livings outside the appetite of tour operators. As they begin to settle with their massive procession of luxury hotels, built and equipped with imported materials from Europe or Asia and managed by foreign companies for the sole purpose of making huge profits development of tourism, shamefully exploiting the surrounding populations. Affront among his poor people who do not have the financial and educational resources to put in place structures that would allow them to receive and enjoy the arrival of tourists. By visiting the website you will have the description of the Madagascar tour Managers, that proposes stay and tours throughout the whole island. You will also discover different regions of Madagascar, the rhythm of the bush taxis and hiking. You will encounter this kind, the warmth, the dignity of faces enormous difficulties of local people.


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