- Localisation: Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, 400 Km westward away from the african coast. Comoro, Mayotte are near in North-western, Mauritius & La Réunion are in his East.

- Population: Circa 20 millions of inhabitants with the prevision of reaching the 25 Millions in 2015.

- Density: 30.6 inhabitant / Km2

- Life Expectancy: according to sources, not so relyable, about 55 years old

- Capital City: Antananarivo or Tananarivo but mostly called "Tana", counts 3 millions of Inhabitants

- Official Language: malagasy with many dialectes. French is the second one, most of the population speak & understand it, yet a little bit in the countryside. English is beginning to be known.

- Money Value: the "Ariary", however many peole is still using the old malgasy franc (changed in 2005). To be comfortable with this, 500 Malagasy Franc (MGF) equal 100 Ariary. And 1 Euro is more or less 2600 Ariary, variable every day. Must be on the spot to know it exactly.

- Government System: Republic Democratic with Presidential character

- Ethnic Group: 18 Official plus some under categorised ones, + foreigners like the Indopakistanese community, chinese, comorians & europeans.

- Religion: 50% of the malagasy people still practise the ancestoral worship. Catholicism & protestancism are egualy parted without giving up the ancestral worship. Then in few percentage are the Muslims. Nowadays very outspread are the many kind of Sectes brought by Americans & Europeans.

- World Heritage Site by UNESCO: The Royal hill of Ambohimanga, the wood working piece of the Zafimaniry tribe, the Natural Reserve of Bemaraha.



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The Fourth biggest isle in the World, also called the eighth


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