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      A very large number of people still don't know Madagascar. Some don't know yet where is it about in this world.
Fortunately, thanks to Holliwood, Madagascar has become a star and got popularity in the whole world after the going out of the 3D animation. Who dare say "I don't Madagascar"??? The 3D movie "MADAGASCAR" has helped a lot the development of the destination.
Madagascar doesn't have any big mammals like in Africa. No Lions, no giraffa, no hippopotamus no Gorilla... what then one can discover in the big island?
One of the assets of the destination madagascar is the biodiversity that is largerly rich. The Fauna & flora that present a large degree of endemicity (many species of flora & fauna exist only in the Island, for instance the Famous Lemur & its predator Fossa). There are the beautiful beaches & seescape (to notice that Madagascar has the second largest bay in the whole world just after Rio de Jainero's in Brasil). A part from that, Madagascar has such landscape that is unique. Among the amazing geological formation in the whole world (The Tsingy & the canyon of Isalo...)

For this year Madagascar Accompagnator offers 4 formulas of tours:


1. The South: The most popular itinerary in the island. This itinerary enables tourists to know more about Madagascar for lots of discoveries can be done. For instance during this tour, 7 differents ethnic group are met as well as their cultures & tradition. But this contains as well many different attraction such as natural parks (ranomafana, isalo, zombitse...)



2. Northern: known under the nickname "the Parfum of the island". Indeed, that part is famous for the production of Ylang Ylang  (a plant with which parfums are done), pepper, vanilla & cacao. As turistic attraction that Northern part has also an important Biodiversity like the Rain forest of Amber mountain or the dry forest of Ankarana... And the last but not the least The little Tsingys (limestone stingy & the red Tsingy).



3. The adventure of the West: this tour is actually  enhanced by the going down of the Tsiribihina river with a traditional boat, still rowed by local fisherman. Yet the going down can be performed with a motor boat for those who want to go faster & to gain time. Night under the sky & the stars along the sandy river coast. The tour goes on to the "Huge Tsingy", a real adventures in the middle of the tremendous canyons & caves.


4. Trekking & Hiking: This is a tour which is quiet physical. It includes visits of the one of the most beautiful and ricchest National Park of the Island and four days of trekking to climb up the Peak of Boby, the second highest peak in Madagascar but the first reachable by humankind. A real adventure, advised for strong physical persons. 16 Days


5. East of Madagascar, Indri Indri vs Whales: a very good tour for those who are fond of natures. Especially emphasized by whale watching. This tour enables you to discover one of the big assets of the Madagascar destinations. Meet the biggest lemurs in the world & the biggest marine mammals, the "whales". This tour lasts 10 days & 9 nights!


6. Six (6) wonderful days in Madagascar: A tour surrounding the capital of Madagascar. Visit of the virtuous site of Ampefy to the National Park of Andasibe. The highlights of this tours are: the waterfall of Lily, the Geyser of Amparaky, Vakôna private park, ...

The 4 first itineraries all end on the beaches. The South may ends at Anakao or Ifaty. The North may end at Diego Bay (the 2nd world largest bay) and the third one at Morondava. These seas can provide wonderful snorkeling & scuba diving.

All this accompagnied by the ospitality of the local people.

Remember, these are only Tours Formula, they can be edited & adopted according to your expectations, needs & availability. Madagascar Accompagnator allows tourists to organize their own tours (self made-tour) assisted by our team.

Feel free to ask question & ask for assistance.


Or do you only need tour manager to accompany you? In the group we have persons that speak: English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese and Malagasy.


Here are our prices:


Languages \ Prices per day in Euro In Antananarivo Out Antananarivo
French 10 10
English 10 15
Italian 10 16
Spanish 15 20
Portuguese 20 25
Russian 25 30


In case you need for an interpreter, please contact us


In both case, Interpreter or a mere Tour Manager, these prices do not include Foods (breakfasts, lunches & diners), Transports & Accomodations (hotels)


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