Who are we?

Hi, welcome to MadAccompagnator's Blog.


MadAccompagnatore is an association that works as a travel agency or more accurately as a Tour Operator providing multiples Trip offers in Madagascar (Honey moon trip, family trip, trips between friends, briefly in group) in the fields of Ecotourism, sigthseeing, trekking & adventures and other like the organisation of transfers of those who are fond of "climbing"...


As a matter of fact, MadAccompagnatore is an assembly of young tour guides that have united themselves and their experiences in order to provide one but good prestation! All of them have more than 2 years of experiences in that fields of tourists assisting. Since the time it got born, in December 2011, the association counts now some dozaines of young tour guides!


Why have we created that association?


Since the time we did that job, all of us could have felt that a Tour Guide is actually needed to make the toursit's trip more comfortable and easier. Since we know that the first obstacl in a foreign country is the language, it is why most of us can without much difficulties express in Italian, french, English and some even in Russian and Deucth!

Another service we provide is the service of translation and interpret especially for those who come for business trip in Madagascar...


We then invite you to glance and have an eye over our offers and to contact us for any informations!!


Just remember, what may the reason of your coming be, MadAccompagnator can always provide assistance!

We wish you a very good visit!! Thank you!!

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